REAL LIFE Ministries’ mission is to help men, women, and couples advance in passionately loving God, loving a spouse and others, as you love yourself (Matthew 22:37-40). The why that drives REAL LIFE is marriage transformation that leads to igniting a Marriage Reformation.

REAL LIFE offers:

+ Pastoral counseling

+ Marriage tune-ups

+ Marriage intensives

+ Marriage mentoring

REAL LIFE Marriage Advance weekend seminars and workshops:

+ TOGETHER: Reclaiming Co-Leadership in Marriage workshop

+ NAKED: Reclaiming Sexual Intimacy in Marriage workshop

+ SOULgasm: Caring for Your Soul and the Soul of Your Marriage workshop

+ COMMUNICATION: A Key to Advancing in Intimacy workshop

+ PRAYER: Talking with God workshop

+ FORGIVENESS: Begins with a Decision workshop

+ Seven Keys to Advancing in Intimacy with Your Spouse workshop

+ Men’s and women’s gatherings

For information contact:

REAL LIFE ministries
PO Box 6800
Colorado Springs, CO 80934